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Innovative SEO services, campaigns tailored to your needs, aimed at strengthening your brand on the web.

The key to successful organic search engine marketing is building on a long lasting connection with the search engines. The better the search engines understand your website – the more effective they analyze it and place it in better positions.

Optimization of the website for search engines (i.e. the so-called optimization and positioning process – SEO) consists in the optimal preparation of the website in terms of search engines and the selection of appropriate keywords. Then we reach the widest group of recipients.

The most popular Internet search engines

Increasing your visibility in major search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo will increase the visibility of your website worldwide. More traffic means more conversions and as a result – increased profits.

Interactive agency WUDOKA works with you, not for you – this way we know our clients’ business goals and implement more effective strategies to help achieve these goals.

As a company, we pride ourselves of speaking to our customers like to a human being by using words that anyone can understand and by eliminating technical jargon.  This way you know exactly what we are doing, why and how it brings benefit for your business.

Thanks to cooperation with many companies and various brands, we have developed strategies and techniques that bring results. Continuous work on these strategies means that we are ready for all changes in search engine algorithms – even those unannounced. Our job is not only about getting strong links from trusted sites – we try to operate mainly on the site.

Why does your company need SEO?

The efficiency and speed of loading your website will have a significant impact on the perception of your company, both positively and negatively – that is why it is so important to entrust these tasks to an appropriate interactive agency with extensive experience.

Here are some reasons why organic traffic should not be ignored and why your business needs an SEO specialist:

All the big companies exist on the internet

Whether it’s purchasing a product, booking a service, or generating brand awareness. Market leaders are present in search results, reaching a potentially global audience that is not reachable without being online.

Search engine optimization from all over the world

The effects of website positioning in different languages ​​and in different countries are a result of the adaptation of our processes to the business needs of our clients. Thanks to the appropriate selection of keywords and budgets, our campaigns attract the most important recipients who are genuinely looking for your services.

Appropriate management - the key to success

SEO management is a cost-effective strategy and the return on investment is greater than most other marketing approaches. Our campaigns are tailored to your budget and there is no income limit on the money you invest.

Long-term effects

The process of website positioning is long, but its effects last even longer. If for any reason you decide to terminate the activities. You will still gather a benefits from your investment.

Positioning services we offer

Why is it worth using our services?

Optimizing the website for SEO should be seen as a future-proof investment and the more you invest – the greater the return is in the long run. Search engine optimization covers most of our main services that we perform monthly.

Is SEO Necessary?

Preparing your website for SEO is very difficult – especially in the beginning. We will carefully examine your website and its content. After analyzing the results, we will prepare an action strategy tailored to the budget.

Create content and articles

Exciting content captivates visitors and keeps them on your site, but it is the high-quality and technical articles that drive customers to your website in the first place.

Before we prepare an article for your website or store, we conduct keyword research. In this way, we have a database of keywords, the inclusion of which in the content will help not only increase conversion but also positioning.

Link building - getting links

Link building is a key element of any SEO campaign. If we devote the right amount of time and effort to it, we will receive a high-quality service that will bring visible profits and growth.

We manually create links and look for places where they can be placed. They affect the final position of the page in the search results. It is worth remembering that when it comes to acquiring links, it is not their quantity that matters – only the quality. We have an extensive database of space to place links in the form of comments, banners or promotional items.

Google My Business - local positioning

The Google My Business platform is crucial during positioning your website and getting traffic from the Google search engine. We use this tool for all our clients because the Google My Business panel that appears in the search results will present all the current and future information that clients may need. Your business data will be displayed in the search engine and Google Maps. This tool also exists to show customer reviews in one easy-to-find place.

Caring on the company blog

Running a corporate blog is very important in the process of website positioning. Such a section on the website or online store, allows you to create natural and relevant content about your business. By using the right keywords, you can redirect valuable traffic from your search results.